Some Foods Chemicals May Increase the Odds of Alzheimer’s

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( — June 18, 2020) Orlando, FL — Dementia undeniably affects more and more people today. It is worth mentioning that it happens to someone every three seconds worldwide. 

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It is widespread and is a popular subject of research due to its high prevalence and incurability.

When it comes to reducing the risk of dementia, it is important to learn that there are various factors found to contribute to its development. One is exposure to food chemicals, which are widely researched on by scientists due to their undesirable health effects. 

According to studies, the American population is regularly exposed to many harmful substances. Many of these chemicals can be found in food that a huge number of the population consumes on a daily basis. 

One of these chemicals is called DA, which has recently been found to have a structure similar to a substances that produce beta-amyloid plaques. It is important realize that these plaques are a marker of Alzheimer’s and dementia. DA is a common ingredient in foods like candy, baked goods, popcorn, and margarine. 

It also provides drinks like chardonnay wines that buttery taste. It is also worth mentioning that this chemical has been linked previously with respiratory issues. Avoiding or reducing intake of DA-containing foods could be useful in potentially reducing Alzheimer’s risk.  

There are many ways to potentially ward off this condition, and one is to turn to the use of natural healing ingredients like the medicinal mushroom called lion’s mane. There have been many research studies showing the brain health benefits of this natural ingredient. 

It has two powerful compounds namely hericenones and erinacines, which have been found to aid in stimulating the growth of brain cells. Some animal studies suggest that the use of this medicinal mushroom aided in offering protection against Alzheimer’s disease. 

What makes its use even more beneficial is that it could also boost mental functioning and enhance mental function among individuals with mild cognitive impairment.

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