Freedom Belt® 2nd Generation Available July 6, 2020

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( — June 13, 2020) Durango, CO — Patients who rely on drainage bags have something to look forward to in early July. Global Medical Innovations, LLC announces the release of their Freedom Belt® 2nd Generation, a highly-anticipated new and improved version of their Freedom Belt®, invented by Harvard-trained interventional radiologist Dr. Mario Torres-Leon. named Freedom Belt® the “Best solution for those who need a drainage bag,” in 2017.

A surgical drainage bag is often used for patients post-operatively, or due to a medical condition or procedure, for short-term or long-term needs. Keeping it in place securely and comfortably has been an issue that patients have had trouble with for decades.

Freedom Belt®, with its innovative and customizable design, has solved this frustrating problem with a hospital-tested, doctor-recommended patented suspension system which features unique clipping capabilities, a no-slip slim fit, and adjustability.

Freedom Belt® 2nd Generation is durable and fluid-resistant, made of high-quality, long-lasting materials and military grade hardware. It will universally accommodate any manufacturer’s drainage bag and catheters. It can conveniently transport up to eight drainage bags at a time, allowing wearers to be more active, in control, and worry-free, without stopping to switch bags or embarrassing spills.

Freedom Belt® 2nd Generation is quick and easy to use, and stays in place whether the user is sitting, standing, or doing everyday activities, from moderate to high-intensity.

Freedom Belt® 2nd Generation unveils exciting user-friendly benefits, starting with its patent-pending Kswivel clips for swift and simple bag insertion and removal as well as a discreet leg band. A slim line low-profile main waist belt clip in this 2nd Generation design allows for more comfortable all-day wear.

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