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( — June 13, 2020) — Limelight Dog released a new report on a viral video featuring a Michigan dog wearing his owner’s fake dentures.

Limelight Dog, a website featuring a variety of funny dog stories, released a new report on a dog wearing his owner’s dentures. The article discusses the content of the video, its popularity, and the various reactions it has stirred in the online dog enthusiasts community.

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The latest release begins with a general introduction on the curiosity and adventurousness that characterizes most dogs. These traits can often lead to all types of unexpected events, including the one captured in the featured video.

A dog named Thomas is recorded wearing his owners’ upper dentures, bought for entertainment purposes during the April lockdown.

The report explains that the owner and his dog are from Michigan, a state which enforced various stay-at-home orders to mitigate the spread of the current pandemic. To cope with the quarantine, owner Ben Campbell bought a set of false teeth with which he’d planned to take some funny selfies.

His dog discovered the dentures and rather than simply chewing them or playing with them, he managed to get them on.

Since Ben’s camera was within reach, he captured the funny moment and shared it on Facebook and YouTube. The video soon became viral, currently having close to two million views.

The latest Limelight Dog report concludes with an overview of the response the video has enjoyed on the two platforms.

“One Facebook user said that he found the video both hilarious and quite disturbing,” explains the report. “Another even joked that Thomas’ smile was still better than ‘your ex’s smile.’ One user on YouTube commented that he loved that the dog was wearing Tom Cruise-style teeth. Another even said that he would finally get those quarantine abs by laughing so hard at the dog’s mischief.”

With the latest release, Limelight Dog continues to expand its range of high-quality funny and inspirational dog stories for canine enthusiasts throughout the world.

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