Small Business Marketing Strategy Planning Free Consultation Service Announced

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( — June 16, 2020) — Express Solutions has announced a free 20-minute consultation call for small business owners looking for in-depth marketing and business strategies to help them succeed.

Business consultation firm Express Solutions have announced their free 20-minute consultation call for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for marketing and business strategies.

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The newly announced service allows Express Solutions to understand the needs and ideas of small businesses and how they can assist them in developing strategic marketing and business plans.

The business consultation firm can research industries and markets that their clients are looking to penetrate before developing a full business and marketing plan for the company.

The full business plans from Express Solutions cover financial analysis, strategic marketing, contingency strategies, and a complete industrial and environmental analysis of the clients’ industry.

Express Solutions’ in-depth data and marketing analysis for clients creates a map of the progress of a company, and their industry, to give direction for future planning that is focused on increasing their success.

The market analysis also extends to looking at the environment and demographic of potential customers buying behaviors. This information is vital for small business owners when working towards their marketing strategies.

Express Solutions are also able to assist with content production for their clients. Using the business plans, they are able to create video content, adverts, social media, and newsletters for publication on over 400 platforms.

The public relations services from Express Solutions allow small business owners to boost their company’s visibility and engage with both new and existing customers.

Web development tools are also offered by the Arizona based company, allowing clients to optimize their online presence and maximize their eCommerce potential. Additionally, they will be offering app development in the future.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our innovative approach creates differentiating values within implementing the proper business plan and strategic marketing attack.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.