How to Set Up Parental Controls with FamiSafe

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( — June 15, 2020) — Famisafe is a dedicated parental control application for your kid’s phone location and geographical boundaries. Application monitoring and blocking, web content filtering and remote screen time control. The application is free from in-application adverts and is suitable for parents who wish to monitor the digital and GPS activities of their kid. App has support for AOS and ISO as well. You just click and ou will learn how to set parental controls on iphone. The app offers a 3 days free trial upon sign up with a further subscription thereafter. There are many different levels of subscription depending on the features required by the user. 

What we can do via FamiSafe

  • Child area for Parental Control 

Track your child’s whereabouts with the area sharing element. At the point when you have to know your child’s constant area, simply empower the element and track your child inside the application. 

  • Location history 

View the history area to guarantee your children have not been to any “uncommon or dubious spots” in abnormal time, for example, strip clubs or bars in late night. 

  • Geofences 

FamiSafe bolster denoting a few geofences as sheltered zones. Once empowered, you will get alarms when your kid enters or leaves any geofences. Additionally, you may utilize geofences highlighted deftly with screen time or application control. 

  • Web Content Blocking And Filtering 

FamiSafe keeps a huge database with the goal that you could without much of a stretch pre-square unsafe substance, for example, betting sites or pornographies. You could likewise hinder any site physically when important. 

  • Flexible Remote Control

No compelling reason to deal with everything on your child’s telephone. Once the application is introduced and set up accurately, you can make everything on your own gadget deftly. 

  • App Monitoring 

Screen how your children utilize the application on their telephones or tablets. For instance, which applications are most much of the time utilized or which applications are frequently introduced and un-introduced or how their internet based life accounts are utilized, and so forth. 

  • App Blocker 

Square application utilization during study or rest time. It is very helpful when your child is dependent on mobile phone games past the point of no return night. You can basically set a chance to hinder any game applications or informal communication applications. 

  • Screen Time Tracking

Figure out how every now and again your children utilize their telephones day by day. Set screen time cutoff points and ensure their telephones are limited during study or rest time or in explicit places, for example, schools and room.

Step by step instructions to Use FamiSafe 

  • Stage one: Download FamiSafe And introduce the equivalent application on both your telephone and your child’s telephone. FamiSafe parental control application is accessible on App Store After establishment, register a FamiSafe account inside the application. For IOS Please refer a click here
  • Stage two: sign into your FamiSafe account on your child’s gadget and pick the job as “Child”. At that point make important settings adhering to the guidelines in the application 
  • Stage three: sign into your FamiSafe account on your own gadget and pick the job as “Parent”. You will at that point track your child’s gadget and make any parental control setting remotely on your own gadget. 

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