Golf Wedge Symmetrical Face Maximum Contact Club For Consistent Shots Launched

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( — June 18, 2020) — Golf Club designing company Cutter Golf has launched its new Cutter Golf Wedge. Its crescent-shaped sole distributes weight to the center of the face for improved strikes and better contact.

Cutter Golf has announced the release of its new golf wedge, called the Cutter Wedge. This golf club was designed with a unique wedge shape that expands the surface area for maximum contact and consistent shots.

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The Cutter Wedge is one of the newest innovations in club design, created to help players hit shots closer to the hole. It is considered a groundbreaking new design that is changing how golf clubs are built.

With the new golf club, golfers can play in all course conditions with ease. This is because the Cutter Wedge cuts through all surfaces and manages every lie.

According to a spokesperson for Cutter Golf, the new club’s secret weapon is its crescent-shaped sole that distributes weight to the center of the face for improved strikes and better contact.

Unlike traditional wedges, the Cutter Golf Wedge provides alignment assistance due to its symmetrical face profile. This face profile makes for proper alignment visualization down the intended path of the golf ball.

Additionally, the Cutter Wedge has 66% less leading edge than the average wedge. This means that it can cut through the rough, as opposed to the dragging or twisting that takes place with regular golf clubs.

“The triangular shape gives the Cutter its unique shape which means that the sweet spot increases by 75%,” the spokesperson stated.

The spokesperson added that the Cutter Wedge’s club face is “groundbreaking”. He expounded that “Cutter Sole Technology” which distributes weight to the center of the face for improved strikes and better contact is the “real secret weapon”. This means that players will experience lesser miss-hits.

The “Cutter Sole Technology”, the spokesperson explained, also supports a self-aiming face which in turn allows for improved intended ball flight. It also raises the center of gravity (CG) further up the club face.

“The ‘Cutter Sole Technology’ keeps the face square through the impact zone and twisting of the club face is virtually eliminated. It is the ‘Cutter Sole Technology’, interacting with the turf material, that makes the Cutter Wedge such a monumental breakthrough!” the spokesperson added.

The Cutter Golf Wedge is USGA approved and can help golfers, even mid-handicappers to lower their scores while having more fun playing the sport.

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