A Buyer’s Guide to Semi-Dried Tomatoes – Buy the right one!

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How to Select Semi Dried Tomatoes?

Semi-dried tomatoes are exactly as their name describes them – tomatoes that have been semi-dried using numerous techniques. They are essentially little flavor bombs that can be used as a snack, topping, or flavorsome items of the main course. Yes, they are quite different from sun-dried tomatoes.

The major difference is that while sun-dried tomatoes are entirely dry, and can be stored at room temperature, semi-dried tomatoes retain some amount of moisture, so have a shorter shelf-life and need to be stored in airtight containers. If you are wondering where to buy San Marzano tomatoes that are semi-dried, you can head onto famous Italian food stores online to make a purchase from a store that sources directly from the heart of Italy.

The texture of semi-dried tomatoes are slightly shriveled, chewy, unevenly yet oddly shaped, and of the color dark red. They are often packaged away in oil so that they don’t rot away.

How to Select Semi-Dried Tomatoes?

When you are looking forward to purchasing semi-dried tomatoes, you’ll be presented online or in stores with the option to choose from dry-packaged tomatoes or oil-packaged ones. The dry-packaged one has no moisture in the container except the tomatoes itself, and they are packaged exactly like freeze dried vegetables and nuts.

Whereas those semi-dried tomatoes packed in oil are generally chopped, julienned, left whole, or have some amount of herbs and spices added to them for flavoring and preservation purposes.

Rehydrating Semi-Dried Tomatoes

These Mediterranean jewels can be rehydrated prior to usage. Firstly, just rinse them under running water and get rid of any excess amount of preservative salt used. After that, lay them in a pot full of water, just enough to cover the sem-dried tomatoes, and then cook them over high heat until it comes to a boil. Drain the water and pat the tomatoes dry, and use them in recipes as you please.

A Few Ways to Use Semi-Dried Tomatoes

They are some of the best ingredients to be found on hand for practical purposes. There are numerous ways in which you could possibly use semi-dried tomatoes. Some of which are:

  • Used in Caprese Salads – Semi-dried tomatoes can be used in making salads, pasta, and various other dishes. Caprese salad that is generally just tomato and mozzarella salad could be made yummier with the help of some semi-dried tomatoes, just to kick up the intensity in flavor.

  • Used in Bread – Breading making is a favorable recipe that most homes now try to incorporate in their meal plans. One of the best uses of semi-dried tomatoes is to use them in such home-baked loaves of bread. Just chop some of the semi-dried tomatoes into the mixture and also over the top of the baked bread with parmesan cheese.

  • Used in Pesto – Semi-dried tomatoes can be tossed into a hot plate of pasta or even some sandwich spreads.

  • Used in Vinaigrette – Semi-dried tomatoes work excellently with any kind of seafood items, especially king crabs and other seafood salads. These salads only require a zesty sprinkle of semi-dried tomato vinaigrette. Please give this a go.

  • Used in Broth – Apart from all these ways of using semi-dried tomatoes, you can also use them to perk up the simple and hearty vegetable broth. Just toss them in a pot along with other ingredients and cook them very well. It’ll add some kick and oomph to the dish.

  • Used as Stuffable Layers – Not only does semi-dried tomatoes make a wonderful stuffing but it also can be used to make stuffed sandwiches. Stuffing semi-dried tomatoes with a blend of yummy eggplant, capers, and some cheese and herbs are one of the best quick snacks just about everyone will enjoy.

Used as a Stuffing – Yes, it can be used to stuff items inside and also used as a stuffing in main course food items such as Lasagna. They add some vibrance to the dish.