Understanding CBD-Infused Products

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(Newswire.net — June 17, 2020) — Cannabidiol, also popularly known as CBD or CBD oil, is a chemical compound extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant belonging to the Cannabis sativa family. As you must have known by now, CBD contains lots of health benefits because of its anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and calming properties. This is why CBD-infused products are very popular today.  They are available in many forms for your easy consumption.

Here, let us see more about some of the CBD-infused products that you can find in the market today:

What are the types of CBD-infused products

You might find many pills, capsules, tinctures, creams, lotions, tinctures and other forms of CBD products today in various stores. All of these products belong tone of these three main categories:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD products
  • Broad Spectrum CBD products
  • CBD Isolate Products

Full-Spectrum CBD products

These are products that are made from the entire plant extract of the hemp plant. The final product that is extracted contains all essential cannabinoids in addition to other elements such as terpenes, flavonoids and more. This also contains some traces of the intoxicating THC in it

Broad Spectrum CBD products

These products are also made from the entire plant extract of the hemp plant. Apart from the good cannabinoids, these products also contain terpenes and flavonoids and more. However, the major difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products is that the former doesn’t contain any THC in it.

CBD Isolate Products

These products contain only the CBD component that is extracted from the hemp plant. It doesn’t contain any other antioxidants or cannabinoids other than CBD. 

What are the various forms of CBD-infused products found today?

Today, almost all the CBD-infused products that you see in the market belongs to one of these following types:

CBD extracts – This is a thick and oily substance with different ingredients based on the type of extract used for making it. CBD extracts are available in various forms, but the most popular form is the tincture.

CBD oils and tinctures – CBD oil drops are available in the form of tinctures, sprays and droppers for easy application.

CBD edibles – A majority of the CBD-infused products that you find today fall under this category. Edibles include CBD-infused pills, beverages, soft drinks, gummies, candies, baked goods and more. However, most of them are made from CBD isolate extract, which means you will not get the benefits of other cannabinoids or antioxidants from it.

CBD vape products – Vaping or smoking or inhaling CBD has been in vogue for many years now. You can vape CBD-infused flowers or other concentrates available in the market. Many people prefer this method because they don’t have to ingest anything orally here.

CBD suppositories – Most of the CBD suppositories that you find in the market are designed for rectal insertion. However, today some companies are also coming up with vaginal insertion suppositories for women. These CBD suppositories are small and in the shape of a bullet. CBD is absorbed very quickly into your body this way. Nevertheless, not many people like it because of the pain that might result due to insertion.