Health Authorities Warn Against The Link Between Environmental Toxins And Disease Risk

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( — June 24, 2020) Orlando, FL — Multiple research studies have been looking into the effects of toxins inside the body. It is important to realize that buildup of toxins has been linked with the increased odds of certain diseases.

According to researchers, many of these unhealthy substances can be damaging to the DNA and may even trigger conditions like cancer. As a matter of fact, some studies have shown certain chemicals in food, air, and water as well as products inside many households produce cancer risks.

It is worth realizing that the human body has a natural ability to defend itself from threats. However when the levels of toxins overburden the body, it could result in undesirable health consequences. 

Toxins have further been found to produce liver detoxification impairment, immune impairment, and loss of apoptosis.

Toxins are undeniably everywhere but this doesn’t mean that they are absolutely unavoidable. There are actually many steps that are found helpful in reducing toxin exposure, and one is to identify their sources. 

Experts have been strongly stressing the relevance of decreasing the number of pollutants and sources of toxins at home. It may be helpful to choose organic foods and avoid the use of hazardous commercial products. 

Making the right choice in choosing food and household items could make a huge difference in the levels of toxins a person can have. There are other remedies found helpful in warding off the health hazards of toxins.

More and more experts are investigating on the all-natural techniques to help people detoxify their system. 

One of the most popular remedies is activated charcoal, which is not just widely resorted to but also studied extensively by researchers. It is worth noting that this remedy is made of coconut shell or wood that is activated by heating over high temperatures, which produce its millions of tiny holes. 

These holes serve as a magnet to toxins, heavy metals, intestinal gas, chemicals, and other undesirable substances. 

Once ingested, it binds with toxins and flush them out of the body via the stool. Activated charcoal is an increasingly popular remedy today due to its powerful detoxifying benefits. It is worth noting that its use dates back thousands of years ago by traditional healers for various medicinal purposes. 

Today, it is known to deliver benefits like general detoxification, digestive health, gas, bloating, heart health, and anti-aging. One of the most recommended sources of this remedy is Divine Bounty Activated Charcoal (

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