Self Esteem Strengthening Family Empowerment Life Coaching Program Launched

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( — June 24, 2020) — Tammie Shannon at The Shannon Success Strategies announced that a new life coaching program is now available for individuals, parents, co-parents and families looking to build strong foundations in all areas of their life.

Tammie Shannon at The Shannon Success Strategies announced the launch of “Intuitive Individuals and Foundations for Families”, a new coaching program focused on success strategies for individuals and families. This four-week program helps individuals, parents, co-parents, families and mixed families overcome fear and anxiety and achieve true harmony and happiness.

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Many people need professional guidance when trying to break down the barriers of societal conditioning. The newly launched coaching program at The Shannon Success Strategies aims to help individuals and families release their stress, anxiety and fear and replace them with feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude and love.

Experienced life coach Tammie Shannon focuses on balancing emotional, physical, mental, behavioral, financial, spiritual and energetic health and well being. Her new program is ideal for families and individuals looking to build strong foundations in all areas of their life.

Throughout the program, participants will learn to clear, remove or reverse the effects of negativity, self-sabotage, fear and anxiety, discover ways to increase their energy, build successful foundations and connections in all areas of their life, co-parent with empathy, patience and open communication, and strengthen self esteem, self worth and self respect in themselves and their family.

The “Intuitive Individuals and Foundations for Families” program offers flexibility based on the level of need, desire and commitment. The sessions can be on site and in person or via webinars or group calls, and they can be either weekly group sessions with the family or one on one sessions with individuals.

Tammie is an awakened entrepreneur, mentor, successful business owner and financial expert. She ranks in the top 1% of financial experts worldwide and is the founder CEO of The Shannon Success Strategies.

Tammie said: “It’s when we look within ourselves and not to others that we attract and cultivate that which is essential for healthier relationships and overall happiness. I created The Intuitive Individual and Foundations For Families Strategy Series to help you, the mother, the father, the brother, the sister and those who feel different… for you are worthy, you are enough, you are lovable, you are wanted, you are significant, you are supported!”

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