Pahrump NV Real Estate Low Interest Rates And Home Inventory Services Launched

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( — June 22, 2020) — Pahrump, NV — Pahrump, NV, based Karen McHale of Realty Executives in Action has launched a new range of realtor services to help people make the most of the low interest rates and shortage of properties.

Karen McHale of Pahrump, NV, based Realty Executives in Action, has launched a new range of realtor services aimed at people interested in making the most of the current sellers’ market. A cautious approach earlier in the year has led to a strong sellers’ market being realized whereby interest rates are low and properties are in short supply.

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The newly launched services focus on the fact that the recent economic conditions have created an ideal sellers’ market. Low interest rates while house prices have stayed strong has resulted in a situation whereby the availability of houses is exceptionally low.

Currently there are more buyers than homes for sale on the market. This situation is a win-win market opportunity for buyers, sellers, investors, and everyone in between. The seller benefits from the strong sales price, and the buyer benefits from the low interest rates.

This combination of factors means the real estate property market is an ideal long-term investment opportunity. Whether people want to buy a vacation home, first home, rental property, or luxurious second home, now is the time to buy.

As part of the realtor services clients can book a property valuation online, which will enable them to calculate how much funding or mortgage they need in order to secure the property of their dreams. Karen McHale can help buyers and sellers throughout the real estate process and provides expert advice.

She suggests the key to closing any deal is ensuring the property is priced correctly. This will underpin everything and will likely be reflective of current market conditions. Details are key to developing a compelling listing that encourages people to keep reading and book a property viewing.

A company representative said: “Sellers markets don’t occur often, but when they do, buyers and sellers alike should make the most of the opportunity. With interest rates being so low, and properties being hard to come by, people should consider their long-term options and leverage this advantage if they can.”

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