David Icke’s Channel Has Been Deleted by YouTube

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(Newswire.net — June 21, 2020) — David Icke has been a popular, if not controversial, voice, particularly during the pandemic. According to reports that were released recently, YouTube has actually deleted David Icke’s official channel. The company, owned by Google, stated that it repeatedly warned David Icke about the misleading information he was posting, particularly related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. It looks like YouTube, and the YouTube views, finally had enough, deleting the popular channel, claiming that it has been posting information that basically amounted to conspiracy theories. Such information is particularly dangerous during this time, as people are looking for accurate information to keep themselves and others safe. This action against David Icke follows a similar ban that was issued by Facebook.

According to an announcement that was issued by YouTube, the popular video platform has clear policies governing what can be posted, particularly as it relates to COVID-19. YouTube encourages people only to share accurate information that has been proven by science, such as information shared by the WHO, CDC, and NHS. Because David Icke violated these policies, YouTube decided to take action and deleted the channel.

At the time this action was taken, David Icke had more than 900,000 subscribers. The last clip that was posted by David Icke, which actually related to his Facebook ban, already amounted close to 125,000 views in a short amount of time. YouTube has also confirmed that David Icke would not be allowed to open a new channel to re-post his misleading videos.

Specifically, David Icke has spread a lot of harmful information related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Specifically, he was claiming that COVID-19 was being spread by 5G networks, used to transmit and receive data from mobile phones, which obviously has nothing to do with the virus. He has even suggested that the virus does not exist and has been promoting medical information that has not been substantiated or is downright false. He has even disputed the effectiveness of social distancing and isolation, which has been promoted by experts in the field.

YouTube is meant to be a forum to share ideas. While people are free to disseminate content on the platform, it is critical for everyone to make sure the information they share, particularly when it relates to issues as large as this one, are accurate. There has been a lot of debate surrounding censorship; however, when it comes to this information, YouTube mp3 is simply trying to make sure that accurate information gets shared. With so many people having been impacted by this virus, it is incumbent on everyone to make sure they listen to voices of reason, such as medical experts. David Icke is the latest to feel the sting of YouTube.