Hearworks Makes a Significant Impact on Hearing Healthcare Private Practices

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(Newswire.net — June 23, 2020) — HearWorks has launched a marketing service for hearing healthcare private practices. The service seeks to attract new patients and boost private practice sales.

Hearing healthcare strategic growth company, HearWorks, is making a significant impact in private practice. The company launched to provide strategic marketing solutions coupled with practice buying power.

For more information visit www.hearworks.com.

The newly launched services seek to tackle the challenges that private hearing healthcare practices face. HearWorks utilizes new innovations, strategies, and technologies that help private practices thrive and reach patients on a new level. It also incorporates four components specifically designed to help its clients realize success.

The major components the company employs are Marketing, Automated Patient Care, Operational Excellence, and Strategic Buying Power.

HearWorks believes that the hearing healthcare market is currently saturated with products and services that do not provide focus on the patient. Managed Care, over-the-counter hearing devices, and hearing aid sales websites are contributing to this saturation. Collectively, these factors have increased the difficulty for private practices to deliver patient-focused care.

In order to support its clients compete on a higher level, HearWorks has developed a new innovative and modern marketing strategy that will aid in reaching patients that need the kind of attention and focused healthcare that private practices provide. These strategies enable new patients to discover private practices in a way and in quantity never before seen in the industry.

HearWorks team members have spent years understanding and mapping the patient journey and has derived important touch points that begin for the prospective patient and carry through to existing patients. With this, they have developed messaging that connects with patients and addresses the challenges they face. This model is termed the Journey Influence Model.

More information is available at www.hearworks.com/strategy.

The Journey Influence Model is also based on the fact that on average, it takes a patient seven years from the time they first discover they have a problem related to hearing loss, to the time they do something about it. The model seeks to meet prospective patients in the early stages of this period and engage them in Automated Patient Care which educates and leads prospects to successfully diagnosing and treating their hearing challenges.

Our marketing model has been yielding positive results and has been described as “… something that has never been done before,” by Tucker Worster former owner of AuDStandard and partner in HearWorks. He also added, “While this model requires more time and effort on our part, the results for practices across the country have been astounding. This is truly the key to attracting more private-pay patients, dramatically expanding practice influence, and retaining patients for a lifetime”

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