5 Ways Natural Therapeutics Is Changing Recovery

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(Newswire.net — June 23, 2020) — Natural therapeutics are changing the way healthcare practitioners are treating their patients. Find out how it can help with recovery here.

For those in recovery, satisfaction with treatment can increase completion and effectiveness up to 15%.

Natural therapeutics tend to have higher rates of satisfaction for patients. This results in increased rates of naturopathic treatments for recovery.

But how exactly is naturopathy changing treatment?

Learn five ways about how naturopathy is changing recovery for the better.

What Is Natural Therapeutics?

Natural therapeutics comes from traditions based in science which combine holistic or natural remedies to restore mental and physical health. Naturopathic treatment doctors earn a degree from a medical college.

There are principles of naturopathy which help in all treatment areas, including recovery. These are:

  1. Do no harm.

  2. Recognize the healing power of nature.

  3. Identify and treat the cause (i.e. disease over symptoms).

  4. Treat the entire person.

  5. A doctor is a teacher.

  6. Focus on prevention.

Principles like this are present in other fields of medicine, but not always to the same degree as natural therapeutics. There are several types of naturopathic remedies available, based on patient needs.

How Natural Therapeutics Is Changing Recovery

There is a wide array of popular treatments for every aspect of a person in natural therapeutics. These target the body, mind, energy, and diet of patients while focusing on treating the root cause of an illness or addiction. But is naturopathic medicine effective for recovery?

What is certain is that natural therapeutics are changing recovery. Here are some of the potential effects of natural therapeutics on recovery:

  1. Natural therapeutics builds self-efficacy or the belief a person has in his or her ability to accomplish something (i.e., recover from addiction).

  2. Natural recovery can complement other holistic or clinical treatments, especially for those overcoming chemical dependency.

  3. It provides a group of support and teaches moderation in other aspects of life, not only centered on addiction.

  4. Even with a rate of failed recovery attempts, natural therapeutics teach skills that help bounceback, even after hitting rock bottom.

  5. For people with any interest or sense of spirituality, naturopathy aligns with a wide variety of beliefs and faith practices.

Evidence-based medicine is the standard for traditional treatment, but the novelty of personalized treatment makes assessing its effectiveness difficult. Due to the medical schooling of all naturopathic physicians, their treatments are medically effective. At this time, studies exist but are limited in number.

Areas of Treatment for Natural Therapeutics

Natural therapeutics is being used in recovery due to its treatment of the person as a whole. The principal focus of prevention helps patients in the long-term. These methods show how natural therapeutics help the whole person.

Mind and Energy

When treating the mind, a natural path to healing involves meditation, biofeedback, and hypnosis. These types of treatments help improve mental and emotional health and work to foster mindfulness. This article details the proven impact of mindfulness on recovery.

Reiki, electromagnetic therapy, and qigong focus on treating external energies of patients. These are important culturally and as alternatives to Western medicine, too.

Body and Diet

Techniques to revitalize the body are important in natural therapeutics. Treatments like art therapy, chiropractic therapy, massage, yoga, tai chi, and other body movement therapies focus on the importance of touch. 

Another important facet of the body is diet. Supplements and herbal medicine focus on healing patients from within, following the natural path to healing.

Who Is Natural Therapeutics For?

No matter how revolutionary natural therapeutics may be, they may not work for everyone. Most people can benefit from including it in their lives, even partially, but it may not be a final solution. The best way to find out is to try it out. 

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