Nature Inspired Conscious Clothing Sustainable Fashion Brand Launched

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( — June 24, 2020) — Innatos is a newly launched conscious fashion brand based in California. The designs are inspired by nature, ecology, and sustainability. Additionally, it has a range of 420 t-shirts for sale.

California-based Innatos is a newly launched clothing brand that is inspired by nature and ecology. The fashion brand, which focuses on conscious and sustainable products, has a range of t-shirts for sale.

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The newly launched range is aimed at people who are aware of what they are wearing, the statement it makes, and the fact the planet has been damaged by the actions of people. The brand encourages people to consider the messages they are sending and think about what they want to portray.

Several ranges are available for customers to purchase. The ‘Evolved Primates Reborn’ line features monkeys and the earth and symbolizes damage and destruction. There are also several 420 t-shirts designed to mark the annual day, which took place in April.

This year, the 420 celebrations lasted for the whole month and inspired the design of several items in the range. Usually the event only lasts a day, but because ‘April 2020’ is the same as 420 and only happens once in a century, the celebrations were extended.

The vibrant brand offers unique designs at economic prices without compromising on sustainability or ethics. As fast fashion continues to be rejected by society, conscious consumers are increasingly looking to brands that stand for something more than simply providing an item of clothing.

Ethical and sustainable clothes, brands, and fashion labels provide transparency to consumers as to how the items are made, what impact the production has on the environment, and the general policy of the manufacturer. Fast fashion, however, focuses purely on the end result regardless of the human or environmental cost.

A company spokesperson said: “Our customers are socially, economically, and politically aware. They want to support brands that are conscious, responsible, and stand for more than looks or labels.”

“Our customers want a brand they can believe in, which is what we give them. We have a range of popular and unique t-shirts and are continually creating and developing new designs,” they added.

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