New Study Suggests Probiotics Could Be Strong Bone Health Allies

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( — July 1, 2020) Orlando, FL — Osteoporosis is undeniably widespread today. While it continues to affect many people, it is important to realize that strengthening the bones is significantly helpful in warding off the condition. 

Health authorities warn that this condition usually affects older adults. However, it is also worth noting that bone loss can begin as early as age 40. 

The good news is that according to researchers, some natural remedies may be helpful in fighting bone loss. One is the use of probiotics, which are good bacteria found to offer a range of health benefits.

It is worth mentioning that enhancing bone health beforehand could be significantly helpful in warding osteoporosis off. It also aids in reducing the risk of fractures due to falls. 

A study was published in the Immunity journal. 

It was spearheaded by senior study author Roberto Pacifici of Emory University in Atlanta, GA. 

In this research, the investigators administered probiotics for more than 4 weeks. 

It has been found that probiotic supplementation stimulated the development of gut bacteria, which produce a particular metabolite called butyrate. It is worth noting that butyrate, in turn, prompts T cells in bone marrow to create a protein called Wnt10b, which is imperative for bone growth.

It is worth realizing that today, the number of people who suffer from bone health issues continue to increase. This is why experts strongly recommend resorting to the helpful measures in protecting the bones.

Increasing probiotic intake could be an excellent way to do it. It is worth noting that probiotic use is associated with various health benefits. Scientists even strongly recommend its increased intake to help the body function better.

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