How to Write a Resume During COVID-19

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( — June 24, 2020) — The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has caused several setbacks in the labor market. These setbacks have also caused very many to lose their jobs. While companies in the travel and tourism sectors have massive job cuts, there are still several job opportunities in the health sector and in companies with a significant online presence.

As people become confined in their homes due to COVID-19, online job opportunities increased rapidly. Interestingly, this is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity to acquire a job as soon as possible. But as you aim at acquiring a job at this time, bear in mind that there’ll be a lot of competitions. It is essential to prepare your first line of defense, which is your resume. Your resume can be likened to a sales pitch. 

Can my resume create a strong first impression and get me closer to a job offer? Can it stand out from the completion? These are the questions you should consider asking yourself before going ahead to write your resume.

I know you wish to write an outstanding resume in this pandemic period, there’s no need to worry. We have come up with the best way to write a perfect resume. It is shown below.

Review and Adjust your Resume Format

One of the commonly used formats of writing a resume is the chronological format. This format is very useful, especially when you have 3 to 5 years of experience in the job title and in the same industry. But if you’re searching for a different job and industry you’ve not worked with in the past, then you’ll have to consider a combination of functional resume formats. These formats prioritize your skill rather than your professional experience. This information might be more useful in assessing your fitness for the job.

Write a Resume object or Summary

During times like this, including objectives and Summary in your resume provides additional detail about your situation and background. It is a brief statement about your impact, skill, and experience.

Review the Job Description

Reviewing the job description you’re applying for is one of the most critical steps in writing a great resume. This step will help you know what the employer wants in a candidate. This will, in turn, help you tailor your resume to emphasize those qualities, skills, and experiences.

Explain your Impacts concerning the Job

In writing any resume, it is essential to show how your previous accomplishment relates to your application. The more the employer understands the impact you can make, the better your chance of getting the job.

For example, if you’re working in an industry affected by coronavirus and you want to work someplace else, you can explain what experience and skill you have. And how it can translate to a better position.

Make your Resume Simple and Easy to Read

Employers only have about eight seconds to go through each resume that comes to them. Given this, it is essential to make them locate vital information quickly. To accomplish this simplicity, you have to make your resume is structured in the following format.

  • Endeavor to keep your resume on one page. Get rid of irrelevant information.
  • Use document margins of 1/2 to 1
  • Use a plain and professional font.
  • Use font sizes of 10 to 12 points.

There you have it. With these steps, your resume will not only Stand a chance. It will make you the best for the job. For more resume template and ideas visit career sites likeLadders, Indeed, Glassdoor etc.