GPS Dog Tracking Collars – Sporting Dog Training Equipment Store Updated

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( — June 24, 2020) — A leading online sports dog training and hunting site has updated its online store with a wide range of new products. Customers can find the best products on the market for dog care in the field and at home.

HuntEmUp has updated its online store with a wide range of dog hunting and training equipment. The varied sporting dog gear and training supplies include dog collars, dog boxes, containment systems, bird launchers, kennel crates, carriers and more, with featured items across every category offered.

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The HuntEmUp store is run by Joe Scarpy, who took his love of hunting, dog training, and conservation and turned it into a successful enterprise. While training his third retriever, he found a lack of assistance online and realized there was a gap in the market.

HuntEmUp has established a reputation for quality products and resources and serves customers around the globe. Their quality products have been developed and tested by professional hunters, pro trainers and pro field staff.

Quality dog training products are featured in the online store so customers around the world can benefit from the best in-field equipment.

Tracking collars provide important peace of mind for retrieving, tracking and trailing. Dog owners can venture out, without worrying about losing their pets in the woods, and the GPS functionality gives pinpoint precision even in dense cover.

In addition to cutting-edge GPS solutions, beeper collars are provided to help customers keep track of their dog via audible tones.

Other popular options are the modern outdoor dog houses with inbuilt heating and cooling functionality. Even with proper bedding, dogs can still get cold in extreme conditions. This is where premium dog houses offered by HuntEmUp can help.

A wide range of sporting equipment is also available, from the 9” Cackle Bird Box to the Dogtra Pheasant Launcher. Remote release devices are also available, which are interchangeable with most of the aftermarket launcher systems on the market.

Other featured products include an Avery/Banded Gear products, Pete Richard’s Rabbit Hound Dog Training Kit, and the Garmin Sport Pro Dog Training Collar.

The company states: “Dog training is as much an art as it is a science, and the better your tools the better your finished product.”

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