High Ticket Sales Training For Gyms, Fitness Coaches, Personal Trainers Launched

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(Newswire.net — June 25, 2020) — Washington, DC — Experienced body transformation expert and strategy consultant Emmanuel Soba released “14 Days To A High-Ticket Offer That Sells”, a high-quality training for gym owners, fitness coaches and other clients interested in converting high-ticket leads.

Washington, D.C based personal trainer, fitness expert, and body transformation expert Emmanuel Soba released a new free training webinar on effective high-ticket sales strategies. Ideal for gym owners, fitness coaches and personal trainers looking to attract valuable clients, the training includes a series of practical strategies that can be easily implemented without relying on unethical sales tactics.

More details can be found at https://www.highticketdomination.com.

The latest announcement aims to respond to the increased demand for high-quality high-ticket sales strategies. By targeting the right prospects with effective funnel strategies, coaches can see substantial revenue increases while maintaining high standards of integrity and providing their clients with a high-quality, high-value product.

The training includes three essential principles that can be implemented by anyone from private trainers to gym owners.

The first key strategy is developing a profitable ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) advertising campaign using a simple, highly efficient technique.

Participants will also discover the indoctrination sequence, a principle designed to increase show and close rate and improve the overall efficiency of any high-ticket sales campaign.

Finally, the webinar includes a step-by-step introduction to the “Collaborative Close” technique for converting leads into customers without relying on aggressive sales tactics.

The strategies have been developed and implemented successfully by Emmanuel himself to promote his coaching and personal training services after hiring a bunch of coaches (some successful and some not) from Bedros Keuilian to Russell Brunson to Grant Cardone… Even Alex Hormozi.

The experienced body transformation expert and strategy consultant has worked with numerous celebrities, artists and influencers. His consulting experience includes teaching top gym owners how to launch profitable high-ticket offer campaigns to improve their profits.

To ensure that participants get exclusive access to his effective sales strategies, the webinar is limited to only 200 participants.

With the latest announcement, Emmanuel Soba continues to expand his range of high-quality resources for clients in the fitness coaching and sports industries.

Interested parties can register for the 14 Days To A High-Ticket Offer That Sells webinar by visiting the above-mentioned website.