Bear Creek Brides Historical Western Book Five Paperback Version Launched

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( — June 26, 2020) — The fifth book in the Bear Creek Brides series, A Sharp Witted Bride for the Troubled Doctor, by Amelia Rose has been launched in paperback in time for summer, which makes it an ideal beach read.

A Sharp Witted Bride for the Troubled Doctor, the fifth book in the Bear Creek Brides series by Amelia Rose, has been launched in paperback this month. Publishing house the Beldene Group has already successfully released other books in the series as eBooks, audiobooks, and in paperback.

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The newly launched paperback version of the popular fifth book in the Bear Creek Brides series centres on caring doctor Demetri, his deaf sister Sandy, and Emily. Demetri became a doctor in a bid to protect his deaf sister.

Things quickly take a turn for the worst when he realises they must leave Colorado behind after they are mercilessly hunted by the Irish mafia. Bear Creek seemingly offers Demetri and Sandy a fresh start and a new beginning, or so they think.

While Sandy flourishes in her new surroundings and calm life, Demetri begins to think about how his life might look in the future. He longs for something more and one wintery evening full of letter writing, he meets Emily.

Unlike any girl Demetri has ever met before, Emily walks into his life with fitted jeans, a pistol, and sharp wit. Emily is not your regular at Bear Creek and she is no ordinary lady. Emily does not need Demetri’s protection, but Sandy does and if Sandy is in danger, so are all the residents of Bear Creek.

Fans of historical fiction or western romance novels will appreciate this book as it enables them to escape to a different time and place. Many reviewers have noted the fact this book pushes the boundaries of time and focuses on a powerful female lead with the ability to inspire.

A company spokesperson said: “A Sharp Witted Bride for the Troubled Doctor will transport readers to Bear Creek. This tale of love, romance, and peril will challenge your expectations with every turn of the page. Now that it is available in paperback it is the ideal beach accompaniment this summer.”

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