Atlanta GA Certified Personal Trainer Premier Exam Prep Course Announced

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( — June 29, 2020) — Atlanta, GA — NASM OnPoint Academy has been recognized as a leading source for NASM CPT exam prep. Yano Anaya, the creator of OnPoint Academy, is delivering an eight-week course for success at the NASM CPT exam with honors of distinction.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) recently announced OnPoint Academy as its premier Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) test prep institute.

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OnPoint Academy is offering an eight-week hands-on exam prep course to help aspiring personal trainers earn a certificate of distinction at along with your NASM CPT certification. This course is being offered as a result of the academy being recognized by NASM as its choice for equipping students with the tools they need to be successful in the exams.

The academy’s founder is Yano Anaya who is a Celebrity Body Transformation Expert. Yano has almost a decade of experience in the field of fitness and body sculpting. He has worked for several high profile clients over the years.

He began his teaching career as Atlanta School Of Massage’s Personal Trainer Program Director on the owner’s request. She saw him as the perfect fit for the Personal Trainer department she wanted to establish at her school.

Yano was later hired as the Education Director for The Atlanta Personal Trainer Program and chose the National Academy of Sports Medicine to be the foundational education for the future students.

After spending six months developing the curriculum, hiring, and training staff for the Personal Trainer Program, he admitted his first batch of students. Since the program’s genesis, 99% of his students have graduated.

This new venture with NASM comes as a result of his desire to open his body sculpting studio and treach aspiring trainers how to do the same. He decided to partner with them to deliver an eight-week exam prep course for students wanting to excel at the CPT exam.

The course allows students to work from home and work in the field as they acquire the knowledge and experience they need to build profitable fitness enterprises and careers. It offers an internship that has been upscaled to a hands-on mentorship.

The mentorship creates the opportunity for students to reinforce their learning while applying it to very practicable scenarios.

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