How Common Are High-Rise Window Cleaning Accidents?

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( — June 29, 2020) — Watching those brave high-rise window cleaners hanging from long ropes outside countless buildings is a common sight in many cities, and the service these cleaners perform is vital to keeping those modern structures clean since otherwise, the whole look of the property would be spoiled. However, the thought of being one of these brave cleaners might seem frightening to many, giving plenty of people nightmares imagining themselves plunging to the ground should their structures tear or break. Still, is this a likely scenario? Do the harnesses that hold high-rise window cleaners tend to malfunction? Are accidents among window cleaners common? Let’s find out.

How do you become a high-rise window cleaner?

High-rise window cleaning is a profession that requires training and a specific set of skills. Those engaging in this activity need to follow certain work safety measures. They must also have great mobility skills and training to install and maintain all the professional harnesses and climbing equipment. Not suffering from fear of heights is also a requirement, as well as learning the proper way to use and store all the cleaning tools that will be needed to perform the job. They should also be aware of the specific regulations that the city and state where they work have put in place and pass safety courses before being able to get started performing this work.

The level of protection and the condition of the safety gear, coupled with the window cleaner’s actions will greatly reduce the degree of danger associated with the job.

Is being a high-rise window cleaner a job that is in demand now?

Owners and managers of high-rise buildings always look for window cleaners that have long-term experience and dedication to their job. They perform a necessary function. Cleaning high-rise windows should only be undertaken by companies licensed to undertake this potentially dangerous work.

Is the risk of falling an inevitable part of this job?

No doubt about it, this job carries inherent risks. However, you may be surprised to find out that the fact that people that embrace this profession become obsessed with their personal safety, makes the number of accidents much lower than might be expected.

How do high-rise window cleaners ensure their own safety?

Window cleaners start each day by making sure all their harnesses and climbing equipment is thoroughly checked and shows no signs of damage or tears. Scaffolding, harnesses, cables, and all equipment is checked before strapping in. When the equipment is properly installed and inspected, the work can be completed successfully with no mishaps. As a result, clients are satisfied and the window cleaner gets called back frequently to the same building.

What is the worst enemy of high-rise window cleaners?

Their number one problem is the weather. No matter how much they inspect what is under their control, there is nothing they can do when weather events take place. Weather can delay the project’s completion. Rain and strong wind can play havoc on someone sitting on a harness outside a tall building. Winds can compromise the stability of the scaffolding and suspended platforms. That is why it’s very important for these cleaners to follow the no-phone, no-music rule. All their senses need to be concentrated on the job at hand.

When professional cleaners take special precautions, there’s no need to fear for their safety. They are well-trained to perform a difficult job and leave all high-rise windows shining like new.