House Hacking Strategies 2020 Real Estate Investment Job Tips Released

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( — June 30, 2020) — FI By REI offers everybody the opportunity to exchange an unsatisfactory job for one that offers financial and intellectual freedom. They feature practical house hacking tips and offer numerous case studies and other resources on the website.

FI By REI announced the launch of new weekly case study podcasts on house hackers. The featured podcast this time is a case study, Sevilla.

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This company provides detailed case studies and other information through podcasts and other media to help those who are looking to supplement their regular income with house hacking. Through the process of house hacking, the company offers people the opportunity and freedom to give up a job that they no longer enjoy.

All the information provided by FI By REI is backed up and illustrated by a large number of case studies provided on the website. One of these is the case study of Sevilla.

The case study states that Sevilla Granger is employed as an NGO project manager. However, since 2001, Sevilla, a self-proclaimed real estate addict, has used house hacking to substantially grow her wealth as a single woman.

She has completed four separate house hacks, the first one in 2005 and the most recent in 2016. She either outright buys the property or rents it and then rents it out again at a higher rate. She has different properties spread across the world.

According to the case study, her first property in Switzerland is managed by a local management company. The property in Paris is rented out through friends. She also has properties in the United States. Sevilla looks for tenants on craigslist and other listing websites.

She makes sure to buy properties that do not require extensive renovation or repair. Even with that, two of the properties did require some updates. Her goals with these properties are not so much immediate profit as a long term living strategy.

Those interested in learning more about how hacking can work as a potential income generator should read the other case studies and listen to the podcasts on the FI By REI website.

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