UK Hen Saddle Poultry Protector Apron Manufacturing Company Expansion Launched

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( — July 1, 2020) — Suffolk, UK — Hen Saddles, also known as Hen Aprons are now available around the world through a local Hadleigh, Suffolk company. They protect poultry breeders investment in chickens, ducks, turkeys, and more.

CB Poultry Saddles, local manufacturer in Suffolk has launched affordable, practical, and durable hen aprons for all chicken breeds. CB Poultry Saddles is located in Hadleigh, Suffolk in the UK.

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Along with the launch of these vital hen saddles the company has launched a new website and can now ship these vital items anywhere chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, and other fowl are found. Anyone who is raising poultry will be interested in visiting the company’s online store.

When a rooster over mates a hen it can lead to serious damage and even death to a hen. Chicken saddles, also known as hen aprons or poultry saddles protect the back of hens from a rooster’s spurs and nails.

While the company began manufacturing chicken saddles over 10 years ago, the launch of its online presence marks a new milestone in the development of this compassionate and caring enterprise.

CB Poultry has expanded its capacity and is now positioned to fulfill orders for hen protectors everywhere. They provide goods to some of the most remote locations around the world and welcome all enquires by poultry owners.

Orders can now be placed through eBay at This location allows customers to directly message the company for a fast, prompt, and accurate answer. The site shows hen protectors for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and even tiny pullets.

The company offers many standard sizes and different designs including the Butterfly Saddle with wing protectors, a fleece-lined butterfly saddle, This company is dedicated to providing bespoke sizes and designs for all types of breeds.

As worldwide distribution is launched the company has helped customers by placing a sizing guide on its website so poultry owners can order accurately. It is conveniently located at the top of the home page. Also, customers may email or call the company with any questions they may have.

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