Experts Suggest Dandelion May Fight UTIs and Regulate Blood Sugar

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( — July 9, 2020) Orlando, FL — Widely prevalent infections Urinary tract infections (UTIs) continue to alarm more and more experts today. This type of infection affects the urinary system, which include the bladder. 

It is worth noting the bladder is the organ that collects and stores urine. Experts warn against the two kinds of UTIs, namely cystitis and urethritis. The former pertains to infection of the bladder and the latter affects the urethra. 

It is important to be warned that untreated UTIs could result in undesirable health consequences. More particularly, this infection can spread and reach the kidneys. When this happens, it could result in fatal consequences. 

It is important to realize that even if this infection is common, it should be taken seriously. There are risk factors experts have long been warning against. These include conditions like chlamydia and gonorrhea. 

There are individuals found to be more susceptible to the infection, such as the ones who already suffered from it before. Those with diabetes or obesity, or who use a diaphragm are also more susceptible to the infection. 

The good news is that certain measures are found significantly helpful in warding off this infection. These include consuming more water, which helps flush E.coli bacteria from the body.

Individuals who want to increase their protection against UTIs may take into account the use of all-natural infection-fighting remedies like dandelion. 

The UTI-fighting powers of dandelion are found to be due to its ability to increase urine production inside the body. This, according to experts, aids in flushing UTI-triggering bacteria from the body and preventing them from causing an infection. 

There are many interesting facts about dandelion, and these include its ability to aid in blood sugar control. Individuals who are trying to increase their protection against UTIs and fight diabetes may benefit from this remedy.

Studies have revealed that dandelion is equipped with two bioactive compounds called chicoric and chlorogenic acid. It is worth mentioning these acids help in reducing levels of blood sugar. 

According to test-tube and animal studies, dandelion works in improving the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. It has even been able to improve sugar absorption in the muscle tissue.

Experts suggest this is a process that may lead not just in blood sugar level reduction, but also insulin sensitivity improvements. 

Certain formulas like Divine Bounty D-mannose are considered to be a great source of dandelion’s UTI-fighting benefits. This formula also contains cranberry, which makes it a more powerful UTI-fighting supplement. It also offers 120 Vegetarian and odorless capsules per bottle (

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