How to Promote a Webinar in Five Steps

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( — July 2, 2020) —

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to promote your webinars. They can be divided into pre-event actions and post-even actions. Here are some of the things you can do to pre-webinar to increase attendance:

Step One – Online Promotion

Promote your webinar through various modes of online communication. Post about your upcoming webinar online – on social media and on your company’s website. You can also blog about your event. Make sure you are using all of the means of communication you have with your customers. Do not forget to design an invitation e-mail for your relevant customers, but make sure to create a version for potential customers and version for your regular ones.

Step Two – Make Some Graphic Designs

You can create a banner, a poster, or a graphic regarding the webinar. Make sure that these designs are eye-catching, informative, and pass on a clear message about your webinar and its content. Avoid putting too much information in promotional posts and designs – you don’t want to give away the whole webinar whliile promoting it! But if there is a lot to unpack, you can always share a link to a landing page which can contain more details for those who are interested. Step three will give you more detail on how to create one.

Step Three – Create a Landing Page

Of course, you have to create your landing page before you start to share a link to it. The landing page should be as clear and concise as possible but there still is enough space to give more detailed information. So, apart from the basic facts such as the topic/title of the presentation, the date and time, and the name of the presenter, you can add a simple description or outline of the webinar.

Step Four – Choose the Best Webinar Software

Make sure that the webinar software you are using has professional tools that allow you to make the most out of your webinar, even before it starts. It is important to create a clear and attractive registration page. 

What’s more, the best webinar software providers offer a service of adding the event online calendars of the registered attendees. There is also often a feature that allows attendees to share information about the upcoming event online. For more information, see:

Step Five – Share the Event

Encourage the invited attendees to share information about the upcoming webinar you are hosting. For example, they can share your post or e-mail. The encouragement can be limited to a kind request included in an e-mail message (or post) but it does not have to. A different way to do this is, for instance, is to to announce a contest (think something along the lines: “If you share the event with five of your friends, you will take a part in a prize drawing”). Just remember to make the prize something simple, like a ticket to your next event or a one-on-one meeting.

Post-event actions

Remember that after the webinar is over, you can immediately start to promote another upcoming event. The attendees that had become interested in your offer are likely to attend another similar meeting and buy even more of your products. This is the best way to obtain regular customers.