Mail Order Bride Western Romance Historical Frontier Novels Series Launched

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( — July 8, 2020) — Bestselling romance novelist Amelia Rose announced that the first four books of the Montana Westward Brides series are now available as a Kindle box set.

Accomplished novelist Amelia Rose announced the release of a new box set, the Montana Westward Brides series. The first four books, now available on Kindle, focus on the adventures of four passionate heroines as they embark on a quest for freedom, love and self-discovery.

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In her latest book series Amelia Rose highlights the complexities of frontier romantic life by tracing the adventures of four unique women.

The first book in the series follows Lucy Magee’s adventures as she struggles to save her marriage from a mysterious threat. A mixture of frontier love story and thriller, the novel offers new insights into the potential of female characters to overcome hardships in order to find true romantic accomplishment.

The protagonist of the second novel, Martha Walters, has left the brothel and become the mail-order bride for a handsome farmer ten years her senior. Gray Jenkins loves her and their relationship seems to be perfect, but a dark secret from Martha’s past threatens to ruin their marriage.

The final two novels follow the stories of Fiona Wilkins and Emily Middleton, two mail order brides who seek true love in the West. Their adventures as they struggle to find true love make for exciting page turners and create a unique setting that combines the mystery of the West with the psychological complexity of modern literature.

Amelia Rose’s latest novels have been praised for their world building and focus on character development, among others.

A satisfied reader said: “A family grows bigger with each mail order bride. The women find what true salt they are made of and the men are helpless to fall in love. Each book brings the town closer and a true family seems to emerge throughout the series. It’s wonderful to read about this new frontier life!”

With the latest release, Amelia Rose continues to provide her readers with breathtaking romance novels set in the historical West.

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