Mounting Studies Suggest UTI-Fighting Dandelion Benefits Digestive Health

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( — July 13, 2020) Orlando, FL — An increasing number of research studies continue to explore various aspects of Urinary tract infections (UTIs), including its preventive remedies and treatments. UTIs are more common in women, and they usually produce symptoms like pain while peeing. 

The reason why it usually affects women is the fact that the urethra of females is shorter, and this makes access of the UTI-causing bacteria fast and easy. 

Health authorities have long been strongly warning against the risk factors of this infection, such as not peeing after sexual activity. It is also important to realize that the use of sex toys may also increase the odds of infection. 

Having different sexual partners may also increase UTI risk. It is imperative to take some measures in reducing the odds of this infection. When not treated, it could lead to kidney infection that could in turn go fatal. Certain medications like antibiotics are helpful, but their use is linked with side effects. 

Today, experts strongly recommend the use of all-natural remedies like dandelion to prevent or treat UTIs. According to researchers, dandelion has the impressive ability to enhance the production of urine. The more the body is able to pee, the greater the chance of eliminating UTI-culprits like E.coli from the body. 

Dandelion is undeniably one of the most popular UTI-fighting remedies. Scientists are also investigating into its use due to its other healing benefits, especially for digestive health. 

According to researchers who carried out an animal study, dandelion successfully and significantly improved the rates of stomach contractions. What makes its use even more beneficial is that it also worked in emptying the stomach contents into the small intestine in rats.

Scientists also found dandelion root contains high levels of inulin, which is a prebiotic fiber that has a remarkable ability to decrease and improve intestinal movement. This natural remedy could be beneficial for individuals who want to improve their digestive health.

Powerful formulas like Divine Bounty D-mannose contain potent and pure dandelion and may be an excellent choice for individuals with UTIs. More and more consumers turn to its use as it doesn’t just have dandelion and cranberry, but it also offers 120 Vegetarian capsules per bottle.

It is important to realize that cranberries have long been researched due to their strong UTI-fighting abilities. Their UTI-fighting powers are due to the sugar they contain called D-mannose, which binds with the infection-causing bacteria and eliminate them from the body. This amazing formula is widely resorted to by individuals who suffer from recurrent infection (

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