Various Factors May Be Causing Your Energy Levels to Spiral Down, Experts Say

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( — July 13, 2020) Orlando, FL — For the many, it is always important to maintain adequate energy levels. Unfortunately today, there are quite a number of people who struggle everyday due to reduced levels of energy. 

It is important to realize that a constant state of low energy may be caused by a number of factors. These include chronic diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes, or congestive heart failure. 

It is worth realizing that diet plays a significant role in the levels of energy. For instance, consumption of sugary foods can cause spikes in sugar levels and this leads in high energy and alertness. However, it also lead in blood sugar dropping again and this also causes energy to spiral down.

It may also be that such low energy levels are due to nutrient deficiencies, such as reduced iron and B12. 

It is important to realize that iron plays a significant role in the formation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells across the body. 

Inadequate levels of iron may lead the body struggling to obtain enough oxygen to the tissues, brain, and muscles. This, according to experts, can leave one feeling exhausted. 

Vitamin B12 deficiencies may also lead in symptoms like poor concentration and reduced energy. This B vitamin can be found in animal products like meats, eggs, and dairy.

When it comes to enhancing energy levels, it is strongly recommended to ensure the body has adequate B vitamin levels. Achieving good health requires having good nutrition, and B vitamins are some of the essential nutrients the body needs. 

It is worth realizing that in various research studies, the use of B vitamins has been linked with disease-fighting benefits. This is why it is strongly recommended to consume adequate amounts of these nutrients. 

Niacin is an essential nutrient to help break down food the body eats, and convert it into energy. it is worth being warned that failure to obtain adequate amounts of niacin may lead in a disorder called pellagra, which may produce symptoms and some undesirable health consequences. 

These include diarrhea, physical and mental difficulties, dementia, and inflamed mucus membranes. It is worth realizing pellagra may also result from the malabsorption of niacin due to alcoholism.

B vitamins have long been researched on due to their strong medicinal values. These nutrients have been found significantly helpful for various aspects of health. There are even studies showing that their use is vital in fighting certain diseases. 

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