Buy Organic Earthworm Castings Online Soil Builder for Healthier Plants Launched

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( — July 6, 2020) — Missouri-based company Simple Grow has launched an online store selling their soil builder with 100% pure, organic earthworm casings for bigger, healthier plants.

Springfield, Missouri-based company Simple Grow has launched an online store that sells soil builder made from pure, organic earthworm castings. The company specializes in producing soil builders made from 100% pure earthworm castings; one of the most potent natural soil enhancers available on the market today.

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Simple Grow’s soil builder offers numerous benefits to plants and soil including fungus control, biological decomposition booster, plant growth stimulation, insect repellant, soil softener, and odor elimination.

Organic earthworm castings increase the size, yield and appearance of any plant, and improve the taste of fruit and vegetables. They are able to prevent fungi growth long-term due to their levels of protozoa and nematodes.

The soil builder is 100% safe. It is pathogen free and does not require a license to use. Unlike other manures, it is not flammable and will not burn plants. It is 100% pure and organic and uses no chemicals or filler.

Worm castings are rich in essential nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium. They work by eating and digesting plant material, which turns into concentrated nutrients in their castings.

What sets Simple Grow apart from the numerous retailers that sell worm castings for soil enhancement is that all of their products are 100% pure and organic.

The company has received numerous positive reviews for their products, including this online testimonial reading, “If your growing plants or for any garden, these worm castings are an absolute must have! I will not get castings from anywhere else, the team at Simple Grow and their product blows away all others!”

Simple Grow’s soil booster is effective for use on all types of plants including trees, shrubs, lawns, gardens, indoor decorative plants, fruits, vegetables, and crops. Interested parties can find more information and place an order at the link above.