Three Compelling Points in Favour of Cutting Your Energy Consumption

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( — July 6, 2020) — There are approximately six billion businesses in the UK and over 99% of them are small or medium enterprises (SMEs). For this majority of the business landscape, operating costs are a task to be juggled carefully on a monthly basis.

Any possibility of trimming costs without affecting operational effectiveness is a win worth talking about, and it’s for that exact reason we’re covering the value of energy reductions in this brief article for your benefit! Let’s cut right to the first of three reasons why you should appraise and improve the energy consumption of your business.

1. It’s an ideal brand-building opportunity

It’s no secret that we’re in a highly visible, all-digital world. Practically speaking, this means businesses of any size can more easily maximise the benefit of any action that has a positive PR element to it. Energy reductions are an ideal example of this.

According to numerous reports, a business that highlights and promotes its green credentials is one that is considered more attractive by consumers and prospective clients. Similarly, Forbes released findings that as many as 88% of consumers believe the brands they purchase from or subscribe to for services should be making a visible and concerted effort to help the environment – and that they’d prefer to buy from one who did.

2. Energy-efficiency adds property value

In most cases, investing in the energy efficiency of your property will make it a more attractive prospect come time to sell. The most successful businesses in the world include ones that have mapped their property expansion and sale to the upgrading of the energy efficiency of their buildings.

This is doubly true if you want to part-lease your property for renting income; more energy efficiency means less overhead and more profit.

3. It’s great for employee wellbeing

Studies have comprehensively concluded that there’s a strong association with the improvement of a building’s energy efficiency and the wellbeing of its staff. Improvements in areas such as lighting, heating and air circulation all contribute to a decrease in illness in staff.

This is a bigger deal than many business owners think. Employee wellbeing is tied to engagement, and that’s a global industry worth billions of Pounds – and for good reason. In an age where staff have options and talent shortages are common, a business that can offer better working environments for its staff is one that will retain the best and most productive workers.

Energy reductions are worth the investment

It’s a smart call to make. The team here at Quest Electrical Installations hope you’ve found this article informative and useful. This is a great area to consider and a worthy way to improve and streamline your business. In time, an investment in cost-savings can transform into a competitive edge that can propel your business forward and place it clearly above the competition in an increasingly demanding business environment. We wish you all the best of luck for 2020 and beyond!