New Yorker From The Iconic 9/11 Attack Photo, Died of Coronavirus

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(— July 7, 2020) —  A man who was captured on the famous photo of New Yorkers who escaped from the terrible demolition of the World Trade Center tower during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, died of COVID-19, it was announced by his family.

Stephen Cooper was delivering a newspaper in lower Manhattan 19 years ago when a police officer approached and told everyone present to run away, his girlfriend told CNN.

Cooper is in the photo on the far left, with glasses and a black T-shirt. The famous photo shows several other people fleeing in front of a cloud of smoke due to the fall of the Twin Towers.

He didn’t even know he was being photographed until two weeks later, when he read the newspaper and saw the photo – says his girlfriend, who spent 33 years with Cooper.

He was very proud. He kept that picture in his wallet and showed it to everyone he would meet – she added.

The author of the photo is former AP reporter Susan Plunkett, who said that she was in contact with some of the people in the photo, but that she never got to meet Cooper.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the United States has exceeded three million, according to data from the Worldometers website.

The United States is the country in the world with the largest number of infected and deceased from the consequences of the coronavirus.

According to official data, since the beginning of the pandemic a total of 3,018,522 people were infected with the coronavirus in the United States, while 132,781 people have died from it.

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