Salem NH IT Managed Services Hosted Cloud Solutions For Business Upgraded

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( — July 7, 2020) — Salem, NH — Salem, NH IT managed services company IT Management Solutions has upgraded its hosted cloud services to meet the demands of local and cloud-ready businesses. The company offers hosted servers, hosted Microsoft and Google services, as well as custom managed cloud solutions.

Salem, NH IT managed services company IT Management Solutions announced upgraded hosted cloud solutions for business. The professional IT services company offers a wide range of secure hosted servers, custom apps, office suites, Google, and Microsoft services.

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The New England business IT services company upgraded its cloud services to better support small and medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises. The upgraded cloud and hosted services are tailored to the critical IT needs of businesses with an increased number of employees working from home.

The global pandemic has accelerated the growth of hosted cloud services for local businesses and multinational enterprises alike. Research major Valoir estimates that productivity loss because of remote work is less than 1 percent, with Microsoft and Google reporting massive growth in cloud services.

IT Management Solutions is a premier provider of hosted Google services including Gmail, Calendar, Google Talk, Google Sites, Google Meet, Docs, and Spreadsheets, as well as Google Security and Compliance. The company also offers hosted Microsoft Exchange and pay-per-use hosted server space backed by 24/7 support and industry-leading security.

The Salem, NH managed services provider offers cost-effective managed cloud services that are tailored to business needs while remaining scalable to enable seamless growth. Custom cloud and hosted solutions allow businesses the flexibility of having their employees access office suites, business applications, encrypted data storage, and other resources online while working from home.

IT Management Solutions has dedicated technicians to monitor hosted servers, troubleshoot problems, and provide responsive user support. Hosted cloud technologies allow businesses to save money, ensure complete security, and stay compliant to global standards.

According to a spokesperson for the Greater Boston, IT managed services provider, “Today, hosted servers, applications, and cloud solutions are shaping our response to the challenges of a global pandemic. Our hosted solutions focus on ensuring that our clients enjoy seamless business continuity, security, and reliability while being able to react faster to the changing market.”

IT Managed Solutions is a New Hampshire IT technology service provider with offices in Salem, NH, Portland, ME, Dedham, MA, and Providence, RI. The company partners with the world’s leading hardware and software providers including Microsoft, Google, Intel, Dell, Cisco, Sophos, ConnectWise, and VMWare.

For more information about hosted cloud solutions in Greater Boston, call 855-934-4220 or visit the URL above.