A Mound of Research Warns Some Foods May Trigger Onset of Depression

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(Newswire.net — July 14, 2020) Orlando, FL — More and more scientific studies are revealing the best foods to fight depression. There are also some experts who stress the importance of avoiding some foods, as they have been found to contribute to the condition.

According to scientists, it is strongly discouraged to consume refined sugar. Experts say it can cause blood glucose levels to skyrocket, which leads to a sugar hangover. 

It is important to understand that a sugar hangover can disrupt mood, deplete energy, and is associated with sleep disorders.

Experts further discourage intake of processed foods, which have long been studied due to the variety of undesirable health effects they produce. 

Research has found that processed food can initially cause an insulin boost, but also ends up producing irritation, fatigue, and sadness. 

Other foods that could trigger depression are artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, sodium, and alcohol. It is also worth realizing that these edible items have also been found to trigger many other diseases.

There are many people who suffer from depression and are reliant on the use of antidepressants. While depression-fighting medications are helpful, it is always best to consider what the side effects could be that are linked with their use.

Some experts have long warned that antidepressants can increase the risk of violence and suicidal thoughts. It may be helpful to consider the use of safer alternatives in reducing the risk of this brain disorder.

The scientific community finds natural remedies like rhodiola intriguing, especially in terms of fighting depression.

A study was published in the Phytomedicine.

In this research, it has been found that rhodiola use led to the reduction of depression symptoms. Experts recommend it may be useful as a treatment for mild to moderate depression. 

Researchers carried out a study and found rhodiola decreased the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

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