Experts Now Strongly Warn Trans Fats Are Hurtful to Brain Function and Memory

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( — July 14, 2020) Orlando, FL — Various research studies have been looking into the techniques to help enhance and protect brain function and memory.

It is worth mentioning that there are foods and food ingredients scientists found to be contributors to brain health issues. These include trans fats, which many of the widely consumed foods in the market today are loaded with.

The Food and Drug Administration aims at completely eradicating trans fats from food supply. However, it is worth mentioning that many foods today still have a hefty amount of this damaging fat. 

Trans fats can be found in frozen pizza, frosting, stick margarine, coffee creamer, refrigerated dough, and microwave popcorn. 

A 2011 study was published in the Neurology journal.

In this research, it has been found that consumption of too much trans fats may have undesirable effects on cognitive function. It is also linked with reduced total cerebral brain volume. 

It is worth mentioning that in a 2014 study involving 1,000 men, it has been found that those who consumed more trans fat performed worse on memory tests.

There are actually many research studies showing the link between trans fats and brain health.  Today, more and more experts are looking into the ways to help people enhance and protect their brain health.

It is essential to take the proven measures in protecting and enhancing brain health. According to researchers, there are simple ways to take better care of the brain and these particularly include making dietary and lifestyle improvements. 

It is wise to choose the right foods to consume and engage regularly in physical activities. There are also kitchen ingredients found to be particularly beneficial for brain health, such as lion’s mane.

This medicinal mushroom has long been a popular subject of research due to its remarkable healing benefits. Researchers found that lion’s mane contains two unique compounds called hericenones and erinacines.

It is worth mentioning that these are compounds found to aid in stimulating the growth of brain cells. This natural remedy could be helpful for older adults, especially since the capacity of their brain to grow and form new connections is usually declining. 

This is actually the reason why mental functioning often worsens in many older adults. Various studies have suggested that the use of this natural remedy aids in offering protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

There are also studies revealing that its use decreased the symptoms of memory loss in mice.

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