Brooklyn Stairway Chandelier Home Bedroom And Kitchen Lighting Product Launched

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( — July 8, 2020) — Brooklyn, NY — New York lighting design studio Shakuff Custom Glass Lighting and Décor have introduced a new stairway chandelier. The White Candle Chandelier can be tailored to fit any space with a wide choice of pendant sizes and colors available.

Brooklyn based Shakuff Custom Glass Lighting & Décor have introduced a new pendant stairway chandelier to their range of dramatic contemporary lighting. The new White Candle Chandelier is a stairway chandelier made from smooth, tubular blown glass pendant with an open bottom that is capped in brass.

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The design can be personalized to each customer’s taste with individual or multiple pendants available in a wide range of sizes and colors. The design can be customized with as many pendants as required to create a tailor-made feature stairway chandelier or a dramatic statement in any room in the home.

Shakuff has become the leading custom lighting designer for high-end residential clients and interior design studios. Every piece of lighting is a bespoke handcrafted design.

This is achieved by offering clients full customization for every fixture they offer. Shakuff works with a portfolio of talented lighting designers from across the world and welcomes input from clients as part of the design process with each piece assembled in their Brooklyn studio.

The new White Candle Chandelier epitomizes the unique Shakuff approach. Featuring 2W (200 lumens) MR11 LED bulbs, this striking stairway chandelier can be customized to suit any living space. You can diversify with a palette of four different sizes of glass pendants available, each one hand blown from a Pyrex tube.

Pendants can be hung all at the same height, in a grouped, or staggered formation, depending on the customer preference. The wires can even be adjusted after installation to achieve a different effect if so desired. A choice of six colors and finishes can also be specified to create a dramatic stairway chandelier that can be adapted to any setting.

Shakuff have streamlined the customization process into 4 easy steps, to provide bespoke custom lighting limited only by the customer’s imagination. Whether a seasoned designer or new homeowner, the team works with each customer to bring their vision to life.

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