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( — July 17, 2020) — A new online store has been launched with a wide range of gadgets, accessories and toys. Customers can get free shipping with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Discounted Deliveries has announced the grand opening of its online store providing a wide range of quality products for all the family. With lockdown still impacting customers across the country, more people are shopping online and Discounted Deliveries provides gift ideas for any occasion.

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As part of the launch, there is an Independence Day sale where customers can get 25% off their chosen products. Customers simply have to enter the code “INDEPENDENCEDAY” to secure the discount.

Featured products include the pet nest fashion warm cotton bed cold winter pets breathable pet bed, battle dinosaur head gloves, a leg flexibility trainer, and a zoom telescopic lens for smartphone photography.

The battle dinosaur head gloves are targeted at children aged from 3+ and cover a variety of species. Options include a T-Rex, double crown dragon, and velociraptor.

These feature soft glue material technology, which make them comfortable for children to use. They are ideally suited to parent-child interaction, and offer a method of play that can provide breaks from video games.

The pet nest is available in a choice of colors, including pink, red, blue, brown and camel brown. It is hand washable and provides a secure, stylish bed for cats and kittens.

Customers can browse by category, including For Women, For Men, Kitchen and Accessories. One of the most popular items in the online store is the neck corrector designed for optimal spine alignment.

The zoom telescope lens offers 8-times, 12-times and 14-times zoom and can be applied to smartphones for a redefined photography experience. This high-quality gadget has a full set of mobile phone universal clips that can be fixed seamlessly. It comes in black or white to fit the style of most smartphones.

All items come with a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping over $99.

Full details of the newly opened store can be found on the URL above.