Experts Strongly Warn UTIs Continue to Affect Millions

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( — July 15, 2020) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections are indeed highly prevalent nowadays. This type of infection can be troublesome, and it could lead in fatal consequences if left untreated. 

Statistics have shown that roughly 25 percent to 40 percent of American women ages 20 to 40 years have had a UTI. 

What makes it similarly alarming is that it actually accounts for more than 6 million patient visits to doctors annually in the United States.

This type of infection is highly common and it affects millions of people in the U.S. alone. Due to the increasing rates of UTIs, the use of and demand for antibiotics also increase. 

Experts have long been warning against antibiotic resistance, which can eventually turn deadly. It is actually considered to be a growing public health issue, and could result in more hospitalizations as well as graver illnesses.  

It is vital to take the measures scientists found helpful in reducing the prevalence of UTIs. The good news is that there are proven preventive remedies against UTIs. These are techniques found helpful in reducing or eliminating the risk of the infection.

When its onset or recurrence is inhibited, the use of antibiotics may be unnecessary. Drinking more water is an extremely helpful preventive technique against this infection.

One of the most popular remedies is the use of D-mannose, which is a sugar that can be found in cranberry. It is worth mentioning D-mannose is widely studied due to its powerful UTI-fighting benefits.

Research has shown it works wonders in sticking with E.coli and eliminating the bacteria from the body. This helps eliminate the risk of UTI onset and recurrence.

Consumers who want to enhance the protection and health of their urinary tract may take into account using preventive measures like Purest Vantage D-mannose. 

It is undeniable that there are many supplement brands available in the market today, this one from Purest Vantage exceeds expectations. It is widely thought to be an extremely beneficial source of the UTI-fighting benefits of D-mannose. 

It has ingredients like dandelion and cranberry extracts that work together in enhancing urine flow and production. This is beneficial in warding off the infection. These healing ingredients may also have anti-inflammatory benefits, which means they could aid in fighting inflammation-related diseases.

Purest Vantage D-mannose contains 600 mg of D-mannose per capsule. This amazing formula could be helpful in increasing UTI protection, especially among those with infection recurrence.

It is also accurately labelled and made carefully in an FDA-inspected facility in the U.S. This amazing formula. It is even free from contaminants like mold, fungus, pesticides, lead, arsenic, mercury, and even traces of prescription drugs (


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