We Buy California Houses for Cash Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

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(Newswire.net — July 10, 2020) — A new service has been launched to help California homeowners facing foreclosure. We Buy California Houses for Cash says people can slow the process and avoid losing their home equity.

We Buy California Houses for Cash has launched a new service to help homeowners facing foreclosure. The specialist company says people are at risk of losing their equity if their house is repossessed.

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The newly launched service is reflective of current market conditions and the fact the global economy is in flux. The experts behind the company suggest many people are going through the California foreclosure process and wonder if they can sell their house while it is in foreclosure.

It is complicated, but homeowners can sell their property while in foreclosure. The company advises starting the sale process as soon as possible as banks have been steadily changing the way they handle foreclosure owing to changes in the economy.

Banks generally make more money when they help people to avoid foreclosure by selling their property. However, it is widely acknowledged that dealing with banks during any part of the foreclosure process can be hard work, which is why the company offers clients practical guidance.

Firstly, it suggests clients should always over-communicate with their bank. Calling with updates can be useful, as can showing the bank what they are doing to get their property sold. However, the company warns against being annoying.

The second piece of advice is about sticking to deadlines – the company says it is crucial to communicate if any deadlines will be late or missed. Additionally, explaining a precarious situation to a bank or mortgage manager may help the situation.

In a potential foreclosure scenario, it is advisable to keep a record of every conversation with the bank in writing. Ideally, people should keep track of who they are speaking to, what they said, and if the person at the bank made any promises.

Homeowners facing foreclosure are advised to thoroughly research all their options including a short sale, loan modifications, and bankruptcy. Depending on each situation, homeowners may be able to significantly slow down the foreclosure process.

A company spokesperson said: “If you are facing the prospect of foreclosure and losing your home equity time is not on your side. Unfortunately, the further behind you become on payments, the fewer options you have. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.”

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