UK Research Shows Medications Ignored by Some Arthritis Sufferers

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( — July 17, 2020) Orlando, FL — When it comes to conditions such as arthritis, it is not surprising that sufferers struggle with pain, immobility, and other symptoms. While there are medications available, it appears that many do not take them as prescribed by physicians. 

UK research demonstrates that medications are often ignored by 40% of UK arthritis sufferers. This research study was conducted by the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Epidemiology at The University of Manchester.  

The study was published in the journal called Rheumatology. The researchers found that the participants had low scores at least once in their lifetime, and this is based on the results of the adherence questionnaire.  

Due to the findings of the study, the head of health promotion from the Arthritis Research UK encourages arthritis sufferers to be knowledgeable about the condition and the medications they are supposed to take. 

According to researchers, it can also be helpful for sufferers to learn about the positive effects of taking these pharmaceutical drugs. It is imperative that the medications are administered as directed to maximize their efficiency. 

Health experts also recommend that doctors should see to it that they resort to some effective techniques. These strategies will help arthritis sufferers be informed about the importance of following the directions in taking these. 

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers should make an effort to feel empowered as it could significantly help them manage their condition, especially their symptoms.  

It is important to remember that arthritis symptoms can be debilitating and can reduce the quality of their lives. Sufferers need to understand how the efficiency of certain pharmaceutical drugs can be reduced if they are not taken as prescribed.

The behavior of individuals who suffer from arthritis may also differ from non-sufferers, and this is one thing that researchers would like sufferers to understand.  

It is believed that arthritis sufferers who have a positive mindset about the need of medications have a higher chance of adhering to their medicine regimen. Those who have concerns about the side effects medications may potentially cause are more likely to avoid taking their medicines. 

Researchers are making an effort to increase awareness on the use and need of pharmaceutical drugs. While medications are important, it is also worth mentioning that sufferers can incorporate some natural alternatives into their diet.

One is these alternatives is fish oil, which is believed to offer strong anti-inflammatory properties. Fish oil has long been thought to be helpful for individuals with arthritis. Omega-3s have the potential to offer many health benefits.(

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