San Mateo Dogwalking And Socializing Service During Coronavirus Park Closures

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( — July 13, 2020) — Paws Dog Camp have announced a new daycare service for dog owners returning to work as the pandemic restrictions are eased. Their purpose-built securely fenced multi-acre facility ensures dogs enjoy exercise off leash in a safe environment.

Paws Dog Camp have launched a new day care service for dog owners in the Bay Area returning to work as the lockdown is eased. They are especially reaching out to owners in Millbrae, San Carlos, Atherton, Woodside, Hillsborough, Half Moon Bay, South San Francisco, and San Mateo.

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Socializing a new puppy or dog can be difficult while practicing social distancing in public places. This is one area where Paws Dog Camp can help.

Paws Dog Camp set and maintain high expectations for their dog walking company and have purpose designed their secure, fully fenced facility. They designed and run their dog day care center near San Francisco with the well-being of dogs in mind and are fully qualified, insured, and certified.

Recent spikes in virus cases mean that restrictions are likely to be reintroduced soon and access to public dog walking parks may be restricted. Making use of the securely fenced exercise paddocks at Paws Dog Camp ensures any dog can enjoy the benefits of off-leash exercise while also benefiting from socializing with other dogs.

Paws Dog Camp have a full range of safety measures in place to ensure the safety of staff and pet owners. These include the wearing of face masks when entering a home to retrieve dogs, usually from near the front door or from the back yard. Hand sanitizer is used regularly, and initial dog screenings are conducted outdoors, usually in the owners’ yard to ensure social distancing.

Having a professional and licensed dog carer exercising and socializing a dog in these difficult times not only ensures dogs are benefiting from regular exercise, it keeps owners away from unnecessary exposure to the virus.

Paws Dog Camp is an essential business and will continue to be open in any future lockdown. To minimize their exposure while still ensuring their dog is getting enough exercise and socialization, dog owners in the Bay Area are invited to call Paws Dog Camp and see how much their dog will benefit from exercise and play in a safe outdoor environment whilst they return to work.

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