Allergy Friendly Kettle Popcorn Non Dairy Salty And Sweet Range Launched

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( — July 15, 2020) — Stosh’s Fairground Kettle Corn, a new natural, handmade and allergy-friendly kettle popcorn is now available for those looking for the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

The Bliss Loft announced the launch of a new range of Stosh’s Fairground Kettle Corn. This all natural, handmade kettle popcorn is ideal for those looking for a healthy and allergy-friendly snack.

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Kettle corn is a healthy snack that is free of most major allergens. The newly launched Stosh’s Fairground Kettle Corn is an excellent option for allergy-sensitive celebrations.

A sweet and salty combination snack, kettle corn is typically only found at fairs and farmers markets. Luckily, customers can now purchase Stosh’s Fairground Kettle Corn online.

The team at Stosh have perfected the art of making authentic all natural gourmet kettle corn and create their own proprietary blends using high-quality ingredients that are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, coloring or preservatives.

In addition, the kettle corn created by Stosh does not contain cheese, milk, or any other dairy products.

This delicious snack does not contain any wheat ingredients. This means it is safe for anyone with celiac disease and anyone else choosing to live gluten-free.

Stosh’s Fairground Kettle Corn comes in resealable bags that keep the kettle corn popcorn fresh for later consumption. As the bags are designed to stand on their own, they make excellent gifts and are ideal for displaying at any celebration.

Recently, Stosh added the Maple Bourbon Flavor Kettle Popcorn, another delicious, safe and healthy snack for the entire family.

A satisfied customer said: “My family and I really enjoy your Kettle Corn and buy it whenever we see it on display. You can tell that it’s made in small batches with loving care because there are no hard kernels in the bottom of the bags. The taste is just right and satisfies that sweet and salty craving! I will continue to buy it and recommend it.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.