Help Kids and Teens to Avoid Debt: New Financial Education program for Children

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( — July 13, 2020) — A new financial education program for children and teens has been launched. Those wanting the best financial future for the kids in their life are encouraged to join.

A new unique program has recently been launched called FUNancial Freedom, created to teach 7 to 17 year olds to become financially smart.

FUNancial Freedom is a chance for kids and teens to learn about money and finances – a subject that often terrifies adults. Program participants will be able to achieve financial security by applying key insights and lessons, avoid bad debt, or even start their own business.

Many parents worry about their children’s financial future in these uncertain times. Whether it’s the ongoing pandemic, the rise of national debt or the threat of another financial crisis, there is always something to worry about.

Compounding this is the fact that finance and money skills aren’t taught in school. The team behind FUNancial Freedom explain that the modern world presents opportunities that no child has been presented with before.

Often, the missing link is that parents do not know what to do and therefore end up doing nothing. Now there is a new opportunity for learning with the FUNancial Freedom training program.

Participants will learn the top financial mistakes adults make and how to avoid them. They will also get access to simple step-by-step ideas that children or teens can start applying today. Finally, they will discover how children can gain mastery over the subject matter of finance.

Mentors on the program include Paul O’Mahony, an award-winning public speaker who specializes in wealth management, and Chris Farrell – an in-demand speaker who covers business growth and marketing.

If anyone, whether an aunt, uncle, parent, grandparent, guardian, is concerned about the future of a child or teenager in their life, it will be worth learning more in order to set them up for a more secure future.

The FUNancial team states: “Most American families are only a few lost paychecks away from insolvency. More than half of adults today risk not having enough money to retire. While we are all about making finance fun, we recognize that the financial future of children cannot be ignored. What isn’t taught in schools, we must teach ourselves.”

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