Software Security Penetration Testing Web And Mobile App Service Launched

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( — July 15, 2020) — The PenTesting Company (“TPC”) has recently launched its Penetration Testing subscription services. The service promises to be an advantageous evolution.

The PenTesting Company (“TPC”) has recently launched its penetration testing web and mobile application subscription service. This service is restricted to current customers only during the initial launch.

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The newly launched model provides clients with an ongoing service with a vulnerability management portal. When developers are confident that a vulnerability has been remediated they can ping The PenTesting Company and remediation efforts can be validated.

Penetration testing of a business’s cybersecurity posture is no longer optional and many insurance companies require a penetration test. to be performed at least annually. For readers unfamiliar with Penetration Testing, PenTesters are good guy hackers which use specialized tools and methodologies to identify the most dangerous and frequently encountered vulnerabilities which criminal hackers use to breach an organization. The result is a detailed report on the vulnerabilities along with easy to understand and actionable remediation recommendations.

The PenTesting company continues to offer traditional penetration testing services. However, when speaking with TPC they believe their new subscription model to be a better fit for most enterprise-level organizations. “The new vulnerability management portal has increased efficiency, and reduced repetitive tasks (and meetings)”.

Information security professionals may be familiar with in-house vulnerability management portals for their network security. If you are such an individual TPC would like to hear your thoughts on this solution being available for your penetration testing initiatives. Feedback can be sent to

TPC is a network of cyber professionals located within the United States. Their core focus is Network and Application (Mobile & Web) penetration testing. Web and Mobile testing professionals are retained by TPC and the testing is performed in-house. Red Teaming and Network Penetration testing engagements are likely to bring in world-renowned SMEs and their respective firms (ie PeopleSec).

Interested parties can click on the link above for more information.