Indianapolis Weight Loss Chiropractor LED Fat Burning Therapy Services Launched

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( — July 14, 2020) — Indianapolis chiropractic center Alpha Health & Wellness is now offering the cutting-edge LED Lipo-Therapy, an effective fat burning solution that can target any problematic area.

Alpha Health & Wellness, a chiropractic practice based in Indianapolis, Indiana, announced the availability of a new LED light-based weight loss therapy. The LED Lipo-Therapy is designed to stimulate fat cell loss by transforming fat into energy and offering significant improvements in terms of weight reduction.

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The latest announcement aims to provide individuals struggling with weight issues with a convenient, safe and effective way to burn fat more efficiently.

The LED light therapy is based on strapping LED units directly to the area where fat tends to be more resistant to exercise and diet, such as the waist, hips and thighs. By promoting fat burning in specific areas, the treatment is ideal for those struggling to lose weight through traditional approaches.

The therapy involves absolutely no discomfort, the experience being compared by many to a professional hot stone massage.

Depending on the profile of each patient, a single session can burn approximately 350 calories, with many users seeing even higher caloric loss.

To burn the fat that has been transformed into energy, individuals need to exercise for at least ten minutes after each LED session. This ensures that the newly released energy is used for fat loss rather than being stored again as fat tissue later on.

The entire process is completely non-invasive and the patient needs no downtime.

With the latest announcement, the Indianapolis chiropractic office continues to expand its range of high-quality services to reflect the latest medical and technological innovations.

Alpha Health & Wellness is led by Dr. Sarita Sharp, an expert chiropractor with a Doctorate of Chiropractic at the Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, North Carolina.

A satisfied client said: “Dr. Sarita is very clean and professional! I had an exam and a full body adjustment the same day. Also just did my follow up. Her prices are very reasonable and has insurance and out-of-pocket pay as payment options. She is also friendly and doesn’t make you feel like you’re lying when you tell her the severity of any pain, unlike other chiropractors I’ve gone to. Great place and easy to find!”

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