Sacramento CA Custom CCTV Restaurant Security Camera Systems Launched

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( — July 20, 2020) — Sacramento, CA — A CCTV company based in Fremont, California launches their custom surveillance camera systems to address the specialized security needs of dining establishments.

California-based company launches their custom surveillance camera systems for restaurants. The CCTV provider is well equipped to handle the specific security needs of food establishments within and around their home city of Fremont and many other cities throughout the country including Sacramento, CA

Additional information can be found at often tells their clients that there is no one size fits all setup when it comes to security systems. The newly launched services enable strategic camera placements at specific points of dining establishments, including their front, back, and side doors, dining areas, counters, drive-thru windows and lanes, kitchen and storage areas, back offices, and parking lots.

Aside from recommending where to place the cameras, the CCTV experts can also identify what type of devices to use. As restaurants have multiple options when it comes to resolution, lens type, housing style, and night vision, the company’s technicians can discuss the features of each camera option and how it fares given the clients’ requirements.

The CCTV provider employs a simple three-step process for acquiring custom surveillance camera systems. First, clients can choose the components of their customized system, which they can do over the phone with the help of’s technicians.

The clients may then schedule the installation of their fully programmed equipment. For this, clients may opt to hire an Oviss-certified contractor or a local electrician. The company conducts a thorough testing of the systems before shipping them out to ensure that they will be in perfect working condition when they are installed.

Finally, will set up the clients’ mobile app and also provide the necessary training so that the restaurant owners and managers can fully maximize their newly installed equipment. As an added measure, they will also ensure that all cameras are positioned optimally. specializes in providing fully managed commercial security camera systems, enabling their clients to focus on running their businesses. The company offers a 99% uptime guarantee, and 100% helpful tech support.

Aside from restaurants, also supplies custom CCTV solutions to grocery stores, gas stations, car wash facilities, hotels, warehouses, shopping centers, offices, and other types of commercial establishments.

Interested parties may visit the above website for more details.