UK Drink Driver Convicted DR Code Insurance Quote Comparison Service Launched

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( — July 16, 2020) — Total Insurance has updated its service for specialist drink-driving quote solutions. The motor insurance comparison site for drivers with drink driving and other convictions can help clients to find more affordable options.

Total Insurance have launched their updated specialist service for drivers with drink driving convictions. They now offer introductory discounts to new customers with a free quotation all provided through their easy-to-use platform.

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Their service includes the facility to compare specialist convicted driver brokers with one form. Total Insurance invite applications from all drivers with convictions because they can utilise their specialist knowledge to find a policy for everybody. They can even help those with multiple points or conviction who have been turned down by other insurance providers.

Total Insurance Comparison is an Insurance comparison service linking drivers who have convictions for drink driving with the best rates. They can pair them with competitive insurance brokers who specialise in sourcing policies for convicted drivers.

Their site provides an invaluable service which cuts out all the policy providers who will not insure convicted drivers to save the hard work and frustration of multiple insurance applications. They work exclusively with trusted Financial Conduct Authority Registered brokers to ensure drivers with drink driving convictions get looked after in a safe and compliant way.

Total Insurance have searched the insurance market and selected insurance providers who look at each individual application. Even drivers with multiple points on their licence may find highly competitive quotes, particularly if they have a low-claim record in their driving history.

Their policies can be tailored to individual needs, much like standard car insurance policies. Competitive van insurance is also available, with either online application or phone applications available.

Their specialist drink driving insurance partners have been handpicked to provide only DR brokers who have a wealth of experience in dealing with DR10, DR30, DR40, DR50, DR60 and DR70 conviction codes along with higher risk codes.

Total Insurance have refined their policies to help drivers to reduce their costs. Quite often, with their experience, they can beat the big price comparison aggregators.

Their advisors accept that everyone makes mistakes and do not judge applicants. They can be trusted to work with everyone in finding and comparing car insurance to deliver the best value policy for convicted drink drivers.

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