How Session Replay Software Can Help You Score Five Stars

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( — July 16, 2020) — Positive customer reviews can be one of the most important marketing tools for a business! Business owners can improve their company’s reviews and their reputation by providing an intuitive user experience that wins great reviews and repeat customers. Session replay software can be utilized to view a customer’s entire journey through your website, enabling you to follow each action a user takes, where they click, and what they were viewing just before they made a purchase or left your site. Let’s take a look at four ways to use this innovative software to improve your website to score winning customer reviews.

Troubleshoot Customer Queries in Real Time

When users contact customer service, it’s important to provide as accurate a response as possible response quickly. However, it takes time for agents to determine the issue, locate the source of the user’s error, and get back in touch with the prospective customer. The lag time between when the user has a problem and when they receive a solution can mean lost sales and poor company reviews. Session replay software can allow support agents to monitor sessions live, while answering questions and troubleshooting customer queries in real time. Rapid responsiveness aids effective customer service, which is key to providing an excellent customer experience and gaining top reviews.

Resolve Complaints Accurately and Effectively

Many companies rely on a support ticket system to collect complaints and error reports from customers, but users often struggle to articulate where the issue occurred or the technical details involved. This can lead to delayed responses, irrelevant support, and ineffective instructions. Instead of relying on users to describe what went wrong, technical support can review the session attached to each complaint and address the need accurately, based on the actual issue. Quick resolution of technical issues can support customers feeling positive and satisfied with their experience on your site. 

Gain Actionable Insights for Improving the User Experience

Session replay software can also proactively provide direction for site maintenance and improvement by helping to spotlight trends, pinpoint abandonment issues, and identify site errors – allowing you to intervene and make adjustments before users have a negative experience. Watch replays and pay close attention to sessions that resulted in cart abandonment – is there a common action that users are taking just prior to the end of those sessions, or is there a broken site issue? These insights can help inform site repairs, design changes, and feature improvements.

Build on What is Already Working

Look for positive patterns in site visits, and take note of commonalities in successful sales conversions and the associated user sessions. What steps do users take when they decide to make a purchase? Can you identify overlap in these customers’ actions on the site? Use this information to strengthen other aspects of your website and business, creating an intuitive user experience for your customers. Capitalizing on your existing strengths is a great way to leverage improvements for maximum impact.

Every aspect of your business is carefully designed with your customers in mind – your reviews should reflect that, and session replay software can help!