Everything You Should Know to Improve Your Instagram Account’s Safety

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(Newswire.net — July 16, 2020) — With over 1000 million monthly active users, Instagram has become one of the most important social platforms of our decade. This platform has become an escape route for people wanting to see the beauty in the world by checking their friends or idols pictures. But sometimes, an invisible threat may hang over these beautiful accounts: hackers. Down below you will find some useful tips if you want to avoid being victim of their evil schemes. 

Who uses your instagram account?

Recent studies have shown that we spend an estimate of 2.5 hours on social media platforms, but, how much do we really know about them? If we check online security pages like https://hackaccount.me/hack-instagram/ we can find a lot of information about Instagram accounts’ security steps we may have never heard of, but they are a must if we want our account to be safe.

One of the first things we need to always make sure of is to check we are the only ones who have access to our account. We always had the conception of hackers taking away our accounts from us, but sometimes, this could not be further from the truth. Sometimes, a hacker will gain access to our Instagram account, but not change anything and go unnoticed in order to gather even more information from his victim. Thankfully, Instagram allows us to easily check if someone unauthorized has recently logged into our account.  All we need to do is go to the configuration tab, then click on security, and finally on  account information. 

Here we will be able to find all the information regarding the recent login sessions on our account. It includes information about the type of electronic device used for the login, the location or the time of the login, so we can easily deduce if any suspicious activity has taken place in our accounts.

It is always recommended that we activate the 2 step verification process for our account. This way, if a stranger tries to access our account, we will get an instant notification and they will face an extra protection wall.

Methods hackers use to gain access to your information

Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to find someone who has never been hacked. But, how can this happen? Hackers use a wide variety of methods to get access to people’s accounts, and if we are not aware of them, we may easily fall for their traps. Knowing your enemy is the best way to fight it, so here are a list of some of the things you should always keep an eye out for:

Buying Credentials

When a website is hacked, the login credentials of their users are often sold to different hackers. We often commit the mistake of reusing the same password across different platforms, so if one of them ever gets hacked, all of them will surely follow. To prevent this, we recommend you use a different password for each website, including Instagram.


Sometimes we may receive a seemingly harmless email from Instagram staff. On it, we will be promised certain perks if we join any sort of program or we will be informed of suspicious activity regarding our account, then we will be asked to reply to this email with our login credentials. It is very important that we ignore this type of fraudulent emails. Instagram staff will never ask you for your login credentials, so if we see this ever happening, it is safe to assume a hacker is behind it.

Password Spray

This method is frequently used by hackers all across the world. They will use softwares that automatically tries different sets of passwords for an account until one finally works. However, these softwares tend to always try the most common passwords first in order to be efficient, such as “password” or “123456”. Because of this, it is recommended that we include a mixture of upper and lower cases, numbers and symbols on our password to make the hackers work as hard as possible.