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( — July 17, 2020) — A leading freelance digital marketer, Keala Kanae, has launched an eBook about utilizing affiliate marketing to earn a passive income. After downloading the book, bonus content is available.

A new freelance marketing eBook has been launched to help beginners achieve success while working from home. Leading digital marketer Keala Kanae explains how he went from working in a minimum wage job to achieving freelance success and living his life on his own terms.

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The newly launched free eBook teaches people how to become a freelance marketer, where they can work from home and set their own schedule each day. The book offers practical advice and insights on affiliate marketing, freelance marketing, social media marketing, and how to make money online quickly.

People can use the course to either grow their current business or create their first online business. No experience is necessary to become a freelance marketer as everything people need to know is contained within this book. Find out more at

This book teaches people the skills they need to achieve financial freedom and live life on their terms. Additionally, there is a webinar available to offer extra support and insights for people who want to know even more.

Keala Kanae explains the value in affiliate marketing and how people can build a website to earn a regular passive income. He highlights several of the biggest companies and brands in America that offer an affiliate program. He suggests many people may be unaware of the flexible money-making opportunities available to them.

Affiliate marketing is ideal for people whether they want it to be their main source of income, a small business, or even a side hustle while they work on other projects. Having a regular passive monthly income can enable people to generate revenue that allows them to work on creative projects.

He suggests there are a raft of lucrative digital opportunities currently available, which is reflected by the fact so many big brands offer affiliate programs. Keala Kanae provides a detailed explanation on the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how it works, as well as the benefits of becoming a freelance digital marketer.

A company representative said: “As soon as you download this eBook you will have the chance to register for a brand-new web class that takes participants through the book. In addition, there will be bonus content to help freelance digital marketers see results faster.”

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